Just this weekend, I drove past two “For Sale By Owner”, or what is commonly referred to as “FSBO’s”.  Having Buyer Clients looking in this area, I called both.  Neither were available to show the home (I drove by Saturday but Monday seemed to be the earliest I could look) and both were over priced for the local market. At least that was my opinion as a seasoned professional.  If I was able to get a showing, that may have changed.  

As a Listing Agent, I’ve pursued many FSBO’s but my most compelling was a gentleman who was for sale for quite a few months. Never returned my calls, a DIYer.  He finally did list with another realtor (that’s another story for another day) and he sold within a few days. I think that speaks for itself and that Value we can Bring to a Seller.

Being a professional Real Estate Agent is a Career where I am There For You, Educated and bringing Expertise to Sellers, Putting a barrier between You and the Public at Large & of course, putting your home in the best light possible since it is a visual world.

Some people are lucky, but some double back ….The Spring Market Is Here, why not talk to me, a Professional, before you DIY.