You’ve been looking for just the right home, and suddenly, you spot New Construction going up, in your ideal location. You get all excited!! So…should you call the Realtor you have been working with the last 3 months With You?  YES !  

In Fact, ***have them register you and bring them on your first visit***

The next Question you may have is WHY?  Simply put, for the same reason you had them before, to protect your best interests.  A Good Realtor does more than just open the front door.  They offer a fiduciary relationship to always have your best interests in mind. Another words, they have your back.

Most Builders have a representative on site but, keep in mind, they are working for the builder, either directly or through a Brokerage where they are an agent. Is this a bad thing?   Not necessarily.  However, if you have a Realtor Representing you, they can help explain contracts, Home Owner Docs, etc, and how they can effect You. Call this Objective Advice.   

If you go it alone, Do Your Homework. Do you know the market, the local builder, what they’ll do for buyers?  Many people have done it alone, but in most cases, ***a builder will pay a cooperating  brokers fee, so why not have representation by your side?***